Your workflow is the set of tasks that must be completed to process the data in your form. When you define the workflow, you create sequence of the tasks. Don’t worry about how rejections and questions are handled. KiSSFLOW takes care of all of this for you.

First, you chose Who can start this app. The default setting is All Users, which means anyone who is a user on your system can initiate the workflow. If you want to restrict who can start this app, click Change and then select Only Selected Users. You can add individual users by email, or you can select a Group, Location, or Department. 

Now you can add as many tasks as you want. You can add an Approval Task, an Input Task, a Parallel Branch, a Goto, or an Action.

Approval and Input Tasks

Approval Tasks and Input Tasks are very similar. The only difference is that an approver can either Approve or Reject an item to a previous step, while the Input Task can only be marked as Done. 

After inserting and naming a task, you can choose whom to assign this task to. You can insert the email address of any user, or choose a group. You can also select multiple people. However, if you assign a task to multiple people or a group, as soon as one person completes it, it is done for everyone. If you need everyone to approve an item, you'll need to make a separate task for each person. 

If you select Advanced Assignment Options, you can see how to assign the task dynamically to the initiator, a user field, or other roles. 

If you click the down arrow, you can access a few more options. You can notify users by email when this task begins, modify the deadline for the task, or edit when this task happens

Parallel Branches

Learn more about using parallel branches to create simultaneous tasks or conditional branches


GoTos allow you to let an item jump over other tasks if certain conditions are met. They can go forward or backward


Actions are tasks performed by the system instead of a human. This can include sending an email, starting a new item in a workflow, sending data to a webhook, or updating a master

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