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Let’s look at how to complete your tasks.

There are three types of tasks: Approvals, Input Requests, and Clarifications.

You can see them all in one place from the Home Tab, or you can click on the left menu to see how many of each you have.


Approvals are tasks that require you just to review information. For each Approval task, you will see the last person who acted on the item, name of the item, the progress bar, name of your specific task, the deadline, and a light that shows if you are nearing or past the deadline. Green means you are before the deadline, yellow means you are near the deadline, and red means you’ve crossed it.

When you click on the task, you will see the form. You can also click on the bar at the top to see the current progress of the entire item.

At the bottom of the form, you have four options.

  1. Get Clarity means you want to ask a question or send an escalation to someone in the workflow. When you click on it, a new box will show and ask for your comments and whom you want to send it to. You can send or escalate it to anyone who has already acted on this item. The Get Clarity feature only asks a question of someone earlier on. The workflow is stopped until your question is answered. After the person responds, the item jumps back to the last step it was on.

  2. Clicking Save will save all of your responses and you can come back to it later.

  3. When you click Reject, you will also get a box that jumps up. After you add a comment, you can reject the item entirely, or you can reject it back to a certain step. When you reject it to a step, the workflow will start over again from that step, including any parallel branches.  

  4. Approve will send it to the next task. You can also add a comment when you approve, but you don’t have to.


Input Requests

Input Requests require you to add or edit information in a certain field. Click on an item and enter the information. If a field has a red asterisk, that field is mandatory to complete.

You have three options for input requests.

  1. Get Clarity is the same. Type in a question and then chose whom to send it to.

  2. Save also means you can save your work and come back later.

  3. Done means you have finished adding your input and you want to pass it to the next task. You can also add comments if you want.



The last type of task is a Clarification. Here, someone has asked a question of you, and you need to respond. Check the question in the comments section, enter your answer, and click Respond.

Editing Data

Once you act on an item (approve it, respond to it, or mark it as done), you can no longer edit the data on that item. App Administrators however do have the power to edit any information in a live item from the Admin tab under Reports. 

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