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Now, let’s look at how to access your Items. An item is an instance of an App as it goes through a workflow.

In the left Menu, under My Tasks, you’ll see My Items.

Drafts are items you’ve started to fill out, but haven’t yet submitted. You can also select all of your drafts for a bulk delete option. This is also the place where you can see templates that you’ve set up for easy submission.

In Progress shows all the items you started that haven’t finished the workflow yet. In the upper right side of the item, you can see a progress bar that gives you a detailed look at the status of an item.

At the bottom, you can see three options.

Reassign means that you want someone else to complete this task. Simply click on the button and then chose whom you want to reassign the task to. The Reassign button might be hidden for some users.

If you chose Nudge, you will send a reminder email to this person to complete the task.

If you chose Withdraw, you will cancel the item entirely. Everyone who has participated up until this point will be informed.

(The Super Admin for your account has the ability to disable withdrawing for users, so you might not see this option.)

Back to your main menu, Participated shows all the items you have been active in, regardless of if you initiated them or not. Here you can view the form and the status of each item, but there are no actions to take.

Note: All of your participated items older than 90 days will be archived and will not be viewable here. You can see all of the items for an app in the Reports tab. 

Approved will show all the items you started that have finished the workflow as approved. You can check the progress bar to see what tasks were completed and when.

Rejected shows all the items that were rejected. If you click restart, the same data will show up in Drafts and you can submit the form there again.

The Withdrawn queue shows all the items that you’ve withdrawn. You have the option to restart these items. If you restart them, there will be a note on the workflow that a copy of this item was previously withdrawn.

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