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Sometimes you may want to modify some part of an App. With KiSSFLOW, you can change what data is collected in the form, what path the form travels in the workflow, and what data fields show at different tasks.

There are two places you can edit an existing App. One is from the Apps Tab. You can see all of your installed Apps. Hover over the one you want to edit and click edit and you’ll be able to go into the Wizard. Suspending an App means that Users can’t access an App anymore. Delete means you get rid of the App along with all of its historical data.

The second place you can edit an app is when you are working on a form. As an App Administrator, you will have a green button at the bottom of Apps that you can edit that says “Customize App”. Clicking this button will lead you into the Wizard where you can make any changes you want.

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When you edit an existing App, you change everything from that moment forward. Anything that has happened in the past remains as it is. Everything flows like a river. You can change what is coming ahead, but you can’t change what has already happened.

For example, suppose you have a workflow with two tasks. And suppose that earlier, you started an Item that has already gone through one of them.

Now, let’s do three things to edit this App. First, I’ll add a task at the beginning. Second, I’ll change the name of the middle task. Third, I’ll add an additional task towards the end. If I start a new item, it will follow this new flow that I’ve created.

But what about that earlier item that was in the middle of the workflow? The task I added at the beginning doesn’t show here because I’ve already passed that point. The task name hasn’t changed yet either because I’ve already started this one. I’ll need to finish it as it is first.  (The same thing would happen if I had deleted this task instead of changing the name). However, the new task I added at the end of the workflow still shows up for me because I haven’t reached that point yet.

This same logic applies to editing forms and permissions as well. Everything that has already been completed or started will remain as it was. Only what is in the future can be changed.’

When you are finished editing your App, remember to click Publish on the last step to make sure your changes take place.

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