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Reports Overview for App Creators
Reports Overview for App Creators

A look at all of the reporting tools available to App Creators for analytics, editing, reassigning.

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If you are an App Administrator or a Super Admin, you have more options from the Reports tab than a regular user. 

My Items shows details on items that you initiated or have participated in. 

In the User Workload Report, you can select a user, and see all the tasks currently assigned to that person and where they are part of a group assigned to a task. App Creators will see all the items assigned to that person for apps they are an admins for. Super Admins will see all the items assigned to that person for every app in the organization. 

When clicking on any of these numbers, you will see more detailed information about the items. You can select multiple items at a time to delete, nudge, or reassign the items. You can also export this report as a CSV file, or print the report. If you click on the individual item, you can edit the form as well as nudge, delete, or reassign the item. 

In the All Items tab, you can get a broad view of all of your apps in one place. Click on the arrow next to any app to get more information based on the individual task. By clicking on them, you have the same options as with the Items by User. 

In the App Specific Report, you can see deeper analytics for individual apps. Choose the App you want to view. All of your Apps will come with two reports ready to go. One is the All Items Report that shows all the items initiated with that App. From this report you can delete, nudge, and reassign items. You can edit the form of individual items from here. You can also configure which columns show by default. 

The other ready-to-go report is the App Metrics report where you can drill down deeper into the data. 

You also have an option to create your own report

Check out our other videos on how to use these reports and customize them to your preferences.

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