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Let’s say you are filling out a purchase order for a regular vendor. Rather than typing in all the fields, it would be great if they would auto-populate for you.

To do this, first create a Master. Title the columns with the same name that you would have in your form. In this example, we have VendorCode, VendorName, BillingAddress, and PrimaryContact.

Then, go into your app. Create a field for each of the columns. It is helpful to use the same names as in the Master, but it is not mandatory.

Make the first field – in our case, VendorCode – a Master field. Choose the Master you just created, and map it to the right column. Also, remember to copy the Field ID as you’ll need this later.

The rest of the fields will all be text fields, but they will all be computed.

The formula you use is 


In our example, it will be 


...just like it is spelled in the Master.

I’ll do the same for all the other fields as well, changing the name of the column to match each one.

In the live form, I can choose the vendor from the list that shows, and then all the other fields will automatically show up.

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