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To access the reports for your apps, click on the Reports tab at the top right. 

You’ll see two tabs. One called My Items and one called App Specific Reports.

Under “My Items” a user can see data on items you have initiated, and also items you have participated in. You’ll see data for how many items are in progress, completed, rejected, and withdrawn. 

Clicking on any of these numbers will show you more information about those items including the subject, last modification date and the current status. If you were the initiator of the item, you can send a nudge email to the current task owner to remind them to complete the task. You can even select multiple items to send nudge emails to. 

If you click on the item, you can see the full initial form. You won’t be able to edit any of the information, but you can review it and can reassign the task if your admin settings are set up for it. 

Under App Specific Reports, users can see reports that are shared with them by App Administrators. Contact the App Admin to make any changes to a report.  

For more details on what App Administrators can do with reports, click here

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