Let’s say that you want someone to be notified when a task begins, even if they aren’t the task owner. You can use the notification feature when defining the workflow.

Select the task where you want the notification to go. Click the down arrow on the task. Choose ‘Yes’ where it says ‘Do you want to notify other users when this task begins?’, then enter the email of the people you want to notify. 

If you want the notifications to go out dynamically, just click Yes to pull up the advanced notifications options. Now instead of entering an email, you can make sure the initiator, or another role, or any custom user field gets updated on this step. 

Customizing the Email Notifications

As an App Admin, you can also customize the email notification that goes to the recipient. 

In the Admin Tab, click on Notifications. Then, click on Edit Email from the Global Notification card

At the bottom, you will see the email template for Task Notification. Click on Edit Mail. You will already see a default dynamic subject and text. You can change the text of the email and click Save.

You can also customize the task notification emails just for a specific app. Click the red button at the bottom right and select the app. Edit these emails the same way you did in the global preferences.

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