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After a user submits a form, he or she is unable to edit the form any more. However, App Admins can edit a form at any time. 

If you need to go into an item to edit the information, start at the Reports tab. You can search for the item either by user or by app. Once you find it, click on View Form. You will see all the fields and can make any changes you want. Click Save when finished.

If you edit the form, a notation will be made on the workflow. When someone checks the workflow progress, KiSSFLOW will show a message that you changed this form. 

If you need to delete an item entirely (either one that is completed or in progress), you can do so from the same Reports tab. Click the checkbox next to the item or items you want to delete and then click the Delete button. After deleting, KiSSFLOW will have no record of this item.

If you accidentally delete an item it cannot be restored. All the people who have been involved in that item so far are sent an email notification. You can edit these email notifications or turn them off from the Admin tab.

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