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There are many ways to reassign a task in KiSSFLOW. 

If you are a task owner, you may want to reassign the task to someone else. At the bottom of the item, you will find the Reassign button. Enter the name of the person to reassign the task to. 

The reassigned task owner will receive an email notification. Reassigned items show up at the top of the new assignee’s task list and have a special icon. When tasks are reassigned, there will be an entry on the progress of the item to show that it was reassigned. This will show in the final report for the item as well. 

As a user, you may have the option to reassign any task that you initiated. To do this, go to My Items, open the item, and choose Reassign. Use the same dialog box to chose the new task owner. Super Admins have the ability to remove the feature from the Preferences Card on the Admin tab. If you don’t want the initiator to be able to reassign items, change this option to yes. 

App Admins can reassign tasks at any time from the Reports tab. You can reassign tasks either from the User Workload tab or the All Items tab. For example, you can search for all the items assigned to a particular person and choose to reassign those. Use the checkboxes to bulk reassign items. 

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