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Admin Features Overview
Admin Features Overview

Manage users, change basic settings, apply webhooks, change email notifications, and manage billing

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There are different types of Admin roles, so whatever options you see will be dependent on what kind of Admin you are. 

In the User Management tab, Admins can add new users, assign new roles, and create and manage groups, departments, and locations

In the Account Settings tab, you can change your basic settings like language and currency, set your working days and holidays, and also set additional options like using Google Drive for attachments, disabling reassignments and withdraws, and the basic attachment field. 

In Notifications, if you are a Super Admin, you can adjust the email and push notifications for every app. App creators will be able to set the preferences for the apps they manage. Clicking on any of the cards will open up a new view where you can adjust all of your email settings.

In Integrations, you can create and manage webhooks and view or regenerate your API key

Finally Billing Administrators can increase the number of users, change billing and payment details, and view invoices. 

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